Monday, October 8, 2012

Torchlight II

Sometimes, there are amazing games that hit a home run as they step to the plate. Torchlight and Torchlight II are those games.

The second entry in the TL saga is a predictable sequel, where new heroes (you, or someone new to the franchise) takes a character, goes into dungeons, loots shit, levels up, defeat bosses, get better loot, train professions, upgrade gear... rinse and repeat.

The type of button mashing dungeon crawling may not be appealing, infact, the quests are not quite that appealing or as appealing (to me at least) as say.... exploring the world or dungeons until the very last corner is clear; the whole gameplay is very smooth, well implemented and quite satisfactory when you overcome a horde of baddies and try on your new looted spoils. There was one feature missing from the first TL game, multiplayer, it works this time out of the box, across WAN, LAN or if you like to go solo, there's the single player campaign.

Be mindful however, we have tried running in LAN mode with zero success, while running Hamachi.

Torchlight II is light enough that it will run on an Atom CPU based computer, so if you do have a non gaming system, trust me, TLII is so worth it.

I can not recommend this game enough, in a day where EA and other publishers are fucking you in the butt while you hand them your money, Torchlight II is an awesome game for less than $20 on Steam.

Do yourself a favor and don't wait for the sales, it's money well spent.

I like the game enough to give it 5 out of 5 stars, but since i don't have stars, i will use Shaq heads.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Max Payne 3: The Art of linear story telling

Max Payne 3 hit the shelves last week, around Friday.

I was an anxious mess waiting for that third installment of the game series which blew my mind away more than a decade ago. Max Payne 3, unlike Max Payne 2 i couldn't exactly place (bliss) in my trousers, because thanks to the magic of Steam, i can just download the games i purchase and play them right away.

I noticed that MP3 compared to other high end titles, like Battlefield 3, ran quite well on my NVidia 580, FPS in the high 60s with full monitor resolution of 1900 x 1080, in MSDX11 mode, and MP3 never went above 60° Celsius. That was a welcome surprise. BF3, on the other hand seems to be quite the GPU strainer (using 100% of the GPU for some godawful reason) with the temperatures keeping in the 75°C - 80°C zone.

At 29 gigs, Max Payne 3 is one of the biggest games i've downloaded followed closely by The Force Unleashed - Sith Edition (28 gigs if i remember correctly). So you might be forced to pause all that porn downloading if you want to play the game next morning.

The graphics in Max Payne 3 are tremendous, at times all the flickering, specially during the Brazilian Disco Rave thingy and visual effects might make you feel queezy, this is not however a bad thing, throughout the game i thought the video effects gave the impression as if the third person camera was more of a security type of camera, following the exploits of our brooding hero.  I hope Rockstar Ent. sent somebody to Brazil to document what goes on in the fahvelas, and take pictures, etc. because everything in the story, and locations of the game look damn good, i will not go into details about poverty and rich locations in eeeeeeevery Latin america country, because personally i see it everyday, and i'm glad a high end game shows the struggle people go thru everyday.


Graphics in Max Payne 3, excellent.

Models, textures, and interaction  with the environment: Fucking amazing.
Rockstar went balls to the walls on this title, the Euphoria system gives the game a very cinematic approach to gunfights. Every game has a map that you remember if someone asks you or you start yakking about a specific game.

For me, it was at the Brazilian Airport location in the game. Health (the music group) made this track, Tears, and it fits so well in this instance, the gunfights, the terrible odds against Max Payne, the environment that can be damaged thanks to so many bullets flying, oh man, i get goosebumps just remembering. That map, was for me, personally the best map in the god damn game, and  can't wait to go play it after work.

Music, hmm... it fits, but i think Health hit a home run with the single "Tears" look it up on youtube, its really good.

Now what i don't like about Max Payne 3? the damn cutscenes, Jesus Christ, Rockstar loves that shit, you can't even turn the game off if the damn cut scene starts, and there's a lot of them. I think that's why the game goes on for so long, because of the fucking cutscenes, please, for 29 gigs i want endless shooting, i really didn't buy the game for the poetry in it.

Nice try tho:

"This place is a bona fide 5 star shithole" - Max Payne

Multiplayer? yes there is, but no, i'm not even interested in it. I HOPE Rockstar doesn't fuck it up Craptivision style like they did with Medal of Honor, where they focused on multiplayer and left singleplayer to rot in the sun, like mayo from mcdonald's for use in their Big Mac's. Please, i want Max Payne for the singleplayer, if i want to shoot at shit in multiplayer i'll go to battlefield 3. mkay?

However, the replayability in Max Payne 3, i think its high, unlike Diablo III where i expected dungeons to be fucking random, and was severely disappointed in it as a game (i got the copy with the WoW year subscription, really), and i expected linear and repetitive gameplay with Max Payne 3, and oh boy, did they deliver. Nice work Rockstar, the fun you give me in return for my hard earned $50 is quite a bit, i am not annoyed in throwing my disposable income to you. Good Game Rockstar, and thanks for the LA Noir bundle, looking forward to playing it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Post

Yes, i think this may work after all.

The opinions expressed in this space are just that, opinions.

The material shown here are just for educational purposes, no monetary gain is intended.

If you wish to express differently from that there should be a contact form somewhere, or there will be in the near future, or when i feel inclined to do so.